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Christian Rodska played the supporting character of Ron Stryker, a rebellious biker sent to work at Follyfoot as a favour to his father to keep him out of trouble. Ron is good hearted but loves to make mischief and skive off work whenever possible. He's known to the local police and mixes with the local bad boys as well. Ron seems to know a lot of people, mostly from the more seedy side of society, but he has a strong streak of loyalty to Dora that sometimes conflicts with his actions. Ron appears to be roughly the same age as Steve, either 18 or 19, but that's unclear.

Christian was born on 5/9/1945 which made him 26 at the time of filming the Follyfoot series. Christian has had a 30 year career in British theatre, video plays, West end performances and TV series. He is also considered a premier voice actor for both radio plays and audio books, often working in partnership with Steve Hodson on several audio books narrations including:-

Death of the Tango (1990) by John Fletcher which received the Giles Cooper award in 1990
The Birdwheel (1993) by Geoffrey Parkinson - a BBC broadcast.
The Peer Gynt of Victoria Street (1994) by Geoffrey Parkinson


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Christian reading love poems in Royal Crescent Bath 2009

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