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The main character of Steve Ross, a former stable boy employed by the local Squire but dismissed when implicated as a Nightrider. The Colonel employs him to help at Follyfoot despite rumours of a reform school upbringing and prison term for beating up a man who was whipping a horse. Steve was abandoned by his mother put into an orphanage after his father died when Steve was only four years old. He does find his mother again but she rejects him. He considers his life at Follyfoot the closest to having a home that he's ever had.

Steve Hodson was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire on November 5th, 1947. Since the Follyfoot TV series Steve has made a successful career as a voice actor for audio books and radio plays on BBC 4. He has also worked in collaboration with Christian Rodska on several audio books.


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John Lubbuck - Lord Avebury, Founder of Modern Archaeology

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Steve appeared on Jim'll Fix It in 1985

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1985- Juliet Bravo - Girl Talk - Michael Blake

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1981 - Break in the Sun - Pete

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1980 - All Creatures Great and Small - Matters of Life and Death -Trooper Raven

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1978 - Hazell - The Walking Blur - Transvestite

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1978 - Angels - Maternity

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1978 - A Horseman Riding By - Dandy Timberlake

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1971 The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, Episode 12 - The Ripening Rubies - Abel


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