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How I created the Follyfoot website or my life in webpages by Louise

Back when Follyfoot was first broadcast in the UK, I was still living there in Goring-by-Sea, Worthing. We only had a black and white television but that didn't take away my enjoyment of watching Follyfoot in the least.

For me it embodied all the element my pre-teen adolescent wanted – horses, romance, adventure, horses, stables, horses and horses. We didn't leave the UK until after the series finished it’s run, then when we arrived in NZ I got to watch it again, this time in colour (NZ was at least three years behind the rest of the world with television series and only had two channels – eek). It didn't play on New Zealand television again until the mid 80's at which time I had acquired a VCR (with a corded remote) and recorded, what I thought, was nearly all the episodes. Of course, there were no episode guides to check against or even an encyclopaedia of TV shows to refer to.

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Our Follyfoot Story. The Forum and Website by Nik Short

On a glorious summer day in 2004 I was visiting my younger sister in Devon, we were reminiscing in the garden, she was talking nostalgically about "The lightning tree" and the television series Follyfoot which she fondly remembered. I have to confess, as a boy the series had passed me by. I had been watching other classics like The Owl Service, Timeslip and other such gems. Horses held no appeal to me at all, in fact they still don't today really.

I had however listened with interest to what she had to say and decided that upon my return to London would look the series up on the internet, in particular I wanted to see if any episodes were available to buy. It was my plan to surprise her with a present of whatever I could find, I also decided to watch Follyfoot for myself!

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