Series Three


Episode 1 The Distant Voice



Episode 2 The Four-Legged Hat


Thorner Village, Main Street is where the Saddlers, Hat shop and Ford were filmed.

Dora leaving the Saddlers                         Jane's image of the doorway taken in 2011  



The window which housed the hat!            Jane's image taken 2011



View of Thorner Main Street with the Church in the distance.

Jane's image taken in 2011



The Ford behind Clem Barratt                  Linda's image taken in 2010




Episode 3 Barney


Episode 4 Miss Him When He's Gone


The Foley house in Lilian Street. This area is now totally re-developed.

Middle picture Google Street map in 2010, you can just about see the viaduct behind the bungalows.

Rob's image on the right taken in 2010, present day St. Matthius Street looking straight at where Lilian Street would have been.



Dora and the Foley brothers at their stables. Land Rover and trailer pull up outside the Foleys house.

Robs image taken in 2010 shows the HSS building which you can see behind the Land Rover.



More of Rob's images from 2010. Another shot of the Viaduct and cobbles which were part of Lilian Place.

What's left of the old Banker Street with the HSS shop on the left.



Dora and Gavin Foley at the funeral. The same corner of the cemetery on Google street map 2010.

Rob's image taken a few months later shows the gravestone with the cross has been vandalised.



At the funeral. Jane's image of the site where the chapel used to be taken in 2011.




Episode 5 The Dream



Episode 6 The Challenge


Dora at the Disco. Gillian re-enacts the scene in 2011. The Harewood Village Hall in 2011. 



The race was filmed near Harewood House. Hollinhare's images taken in 2008





The hill on the skyline behind Dora is Almscliffe Crag.





Episode 7 The Letter


Pilkington's residence was filmed at the same location as Carne manor in episode Debt of Honour.

The impressive doorway can just be seen in Hollinhare's images taken in 2011 from the public footpath. 




Episode 8 The Bridge Builder


Tina on the Harewood Bridge                   Motormouse's image taken in 2013 



Another shot of the bridge                        Hollinhare's image taken in 2008




Episode 9 Uncle Joe


Ron and Dora ride up Hall Drive in Bramhope to Uncle Joe's house. 

Thanks Johno for the images



Uncle Joe's house.




Episode 10 The Helping Hand

Episode 11 Rain on Friday



Episode 12 Hazel


King Lane where the yobs are following Hazel.

The garage is now a Tesco Express and the houses in the distance are obscured by trees.

Thanks Johno for the image




Episode 13 Walk in the Wood


This was where Dora stopped the little thugs throwing stones at the horse.

Dora was in the garden of the cottage to the left, there was a metal fence dividing the gardens as you can see in the screenshot (still there in the 90's) the privet hedge was at the far end of the cottage to the right. I assume the filming of the search for Copper and the 'cutting down the strong to help the weak' chat with the woodsman also took place in the woods here. 



Carr Houses were derelict until about 2000 when they were renovated. They were in a slightly worse state than they are seen on FollyFoot and the wildly overgrown privet hedge that the boys chase Copper through was exactly the same. Today they are very different.

Thanks Hollinhare for the images



The forge was on Wike Lane                      Linda's images taken in 2009



Hollinhare's images taken in 2013. A horseshoe still hangs on the door.




Hollinhare's images 2014. The forge has been demolished but the pump remains for the present.




2015 Pump gone, site boarded up but the cottage is still hanging in there.

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